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Structural Mount Mapping Louisville

TEAM provides Structural Mount Mapping in Louisville and we specialize in providing structural and technical A&E services to the Telecommunications Industry. We can help with Structural Analysis including Towers and Mounts, Antennas and more.

With a dedicated staff comprised of decades worth of experience, we bring innovative and efficient solutions to our clients daily and become integrated with your team.  Our goal is to fully support your operations with a comprehensive analysis of your structure engineering and bring our strengths to the table to accomplish the task.

Our Process

Our processes are built to cater to our client’s timelines and accommodate them.  That is why when our Structural Engineering Team sits down with your team we understand all the strengths and weaknesses to bring the most comprehensive and affordable plan to fruition.


Our TEAM has extensive experience with Structural Analyses (Rooftops, Towers, Antenna Mounts, Water Tanks), Construction Drawings (Macro, Small Cell, Fiber) and Tower Climbing (Tower Mapping, Mount Mapping, Equipment Audits) in the United States.   We work well with other teams in identifying strong and weak points and coming into collaboration together.

Our Services

  • Structural Analysis
    • Rooftops
    • Towers
    • Antenna Mounts
    • Water Tanks
  • Construction Drawings
    • Macro
    • Small Cell
    • Fiber
  • Tower Climbing
    • Tower Mapping
    • Mount Mapping
    • Equipment Audits